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What Makes Pune One Of The Best Places To Buy A Home In India?

December 10, 2018 | Admin

What Makes Pune One Of The Best Places To Buy A Home In India?

Pune has been among the largest metros of the country over the years, and the real estate market has consistently grown in the city. Homeowners from various cities are keen to acquire a home in Pune, as it is one of the top residential destinations in the country. Apart from domestic investors, buyers from the US, Europe and the Middle East are also interested in purchasing apartments in the city. Evidently, the property prices here seem to be rising in recent years. The top real estate builders have been active in developing classy apartments for the residents in the city.

Pune has also grown commercially to a large extent, thanks to the IT sector, that has been flourishing in the city. A large number of IT companies have their offices in Pune. This is why corporate employees are moving to the city for quality apartments in recent years. It also hosts some of the largest BPO centres in the country. As a business hub, Pune looks lucrative too. Therefore, both residential and commercial properties have been in high demand in the city.

Particularly, the demand for bungalows, apartments, flats and homes in the city have shown increasing trends in demand. As the residents get a fast access to the shopping malls, multiplexes and other places of entertainment in the city, they are moving to these apartments. The FDIs and NRI investments are further fuelling the real estate industry in Pune. The city has got a well-developed transportation system. The connectivity in Pune has been upgraded in recent years, with new thoroughfares connecting the important places. All these factors have led to an increased demand for properties here. Another reason for the high demand for apartments in Pune is the availability of quality education and healthcare infrastructures in the city. The residents can reach the important schools and hospitals in the city in quick time from their apartments. Evidently, Pune continues to occupy an important position in the real estate market in the country.

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